Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Ultrasound Treatment or Cellulite Reduction safe?

Yes, it is considered a safe, non-invasive alternative to surgery that is pain free, with no down time.        

Is Ultrasonic Treatment or Cellulite Reduction painful?

No, there is virtually no pain with the procedure. You may feel a warm sensation or a slight tingle. 

Can you lose weight with Ultrasonic Treatment or Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

No, this is NOT an intended weight loss method. It is intended to reduce fat in targeted areas and to lose inch(s).

Are the results similar to surgerical fat loss?

Yes, it is similar. Like surgery, the fat loss and cellulite reduction is gone for good in the targeted area. However, ultrasonic treatment or Cellulite Reduction Treatment is a non-invasive procedure, and unlike surgery it does not damage vascular, nervous or muscular tissue. There is also no pain or downtime with the non-invasive procedure.

How many sessions will it take to see results?

You will need multiple treatments to get the most optimum results.  Typically between 7-12 sessions depending on the treatment area and your body. 

How long is the Ultrasonic Treatment or Cellulite Reduction treatment?

The treatment time is about 50 minutes, which includes a consultation, 35 minutes of the ultrasonic treatment or Cellulite Reduction Treatment (additional time available extra), and a 7 minute commercial grade vibration platform session to jumpstart the lymphatic system to start the process of your body ridding the fat cells, Cellulite and fluid. 

Can anyone have this Ultrasonice or Cellulite Reduction treatment?

Please see the contraindication link at the top of the page of the menu. A few examples are metal implants or wire anywhere in the treatment area, plates, cardiac issues, pacemaker/defliblator, liver or kidney issues, cancer, and skin disease.

What should I do to prepare before the Ultrasonic or Cellulite Reduction treatment?

Don’t eat food 2 hours before the treatment. Preferably don’t eat high fat food the day of your treatment. Drink plenty of water before the treatment, and at least 1 liter of water 1 hour before treatment. A hydrated body gets more optimum results. Do not drink alcohol 15 hours before treatment. 

What should I do after the Ultransonic or Cellulite Reduction treatment?

Don’t eat for an hour after the procedure, and drink 1 liter of water right after the procedure. Within 2 hours, do 20 minutes of cardio exercise to help your lymphatic system rid the melted fat. Drink a lot of water for the following four days, preferably 8-10 large glass of water a day. Do not drink alcohol for 3 days after the treatment. Your body will work hard to get rid of the alcohol instead of the fat, and the fat will return to its original state if the body does not rid the fat or cellulite. It is important to follow the above steps. Please try to refrain from caffeine products for 3 days and Tylenol products. Eat a lower fat diet for the next three days. You do not want your body to work hard on getting rid of your newly eaten food fat in conjunction with the melted fat. 

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