Ultrasonic Treatment

*Fat Reduction

*Skin Firming

*Cellulite Reduction

*Body Sculpting

*No Pain

*No Downtime

*Surgery Free!

We all want to look great in our favorite skinny jeans or drop a dress size or two. When diet and excercise is not enough to rid the fat from those stubborn areas. An Ultrasonic Treatment will help you get your better Body! (7-9 Treatments per area are recommended for optimal results.) 

Cellulite Reduction Treatment will reduce Cellulite leaving a more smooth appearance. (7-9 treatments per area are recommended for optimal results.) 

Both treatments are perfect for both men and women. Typical treatment areas: Love Handles, Stomach, Flanks, Bra Area (back),Buttocks, Thighs (both), and Arms (both).

**Only 1 voucher per person for Better Body Spa is allowed even if it is for a different treatment**1 Area per Voucher please**

**Results may very from individual to individual


Picture yourself on this beach with your new BETTER BODY!


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